Hamilton Mill hit by rash of car break-ins

Photo by Brian Giandelone

Photo by Brian Giandelone

DACULA -- In the first five months of this year, the number of car break-ins within Dacula's sprawling Hamilton Mill subdivision never hit more than one per month.

In June, however, that number was 14, or almost one every other day, Gwinnett County police spokesman Cpl. Jake Smith. Police held an informational meeting at the subdivision Wednesday evening, addressing the greatly increased break-ins and offering prevention tips.

"Through neighborhood awareness and targeted police efforts, we're back down to one (break-in) for July so far," Smith said.

At the meeting, officers stressed a number of ways to reduce theft from your vehicle:

* Lock all doors, never leave your keys inside your vehicle and remove all valuables (including iPods and GPS systems)

* Never leave your vehicle running unattended

* Park in well-lit areas, and avoid isolated ones

* Completely close all windows

* Close your garage after entering and at night

* Install a locking fuel cap

For more tips, visit the Gwinnett County police and crime prevention unit sections at www.gwinnettcounty.com.