LETTERS: Woodall helping to restore some of our fiscal sanity

Many thanks to U.S. Rep. Robert Woodall for introducing an amendment to save $5.1 million in redundant spending for a climate change study in a water and energy bill!

I disagree with the assessment in the article; that is a lot of money. Good job, and we need your help again.

On the same day and same page in the Post, I read that the US Department of Transportation has just awarded the city of Atlanta a $47 million grant for a 2.5 mile streetcar in the hopes it will increase tourism. Almost 1/20 of a billion dollars for a tourist streetcar at a time of a massive deficit in the U.S. and dire predictions of financial calamity?

Folks in D.C., it cannot be business as usual anymore. We just don't have the money for extras like this. If the city must -- which I doubt -- go out and buy five $1 million trolley buses, put the rest toward the deficit, and don't waste all this money laying tracks.

Please, please let's restore some fiscal sanity. Thank you, Congressman Woodall!

-- Tom Kincaid