Technology leader says tech is key to ending recession

Tino Mantella

Tino Mantella

Not only does Tino Mantella believe technology is important in Georgia, he says it can “lead us out of the recession.”

As the leader of an organization that promotes economic advancement of the state’s technology industry, Mantella spoke Tuesday to the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce.

The Technology Association of Georgia President and CEO told those in attendance that the state is “poised for growth.”

Particularly, he pointed to the state’s corner on the health information technology market.

Health information technology is an umbrella term that describes management of health information across computerized systems and the exchange between consumers and providers.

In this industry, Mantella said, Georgia is number one in the nation with more than 130 companies identified by the Technology Association of Georgia.

He referred to health information technology businesses and the companies that spring up in response as cluster businesses.

“When you have a strong cluster in a particular area, it breeds more business, and that’s been proven over and over,” he said. “So, it’s important we communicate that these clusters are out there, because it conveys that Georgia is a place to invest.”

Mantella’s organization aims for growth in the industry.

According to its website, TAG provides “leadership in driving initiatives in the areas of policy, capital, education and giving.”

TAG has about 13,000 members.

“I’ve talked about peaches, pecans, pine trees and peanuts in terms of what people usually think about when they think about Georgia,” he said. “We’ve got a robust technology community here, and there’s great opportunities for growth.”

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