LETTERS: Trash plan made more recyclers

While the change to a single hauler trash service was difficult for some — including this reader — in Gwinnett County, I am happy to say a year later that it has in my opinion been worthwhile. Our neighborhoods are cleaner and I am pleased to see not only more neighbors recycling but am very pleased that we can recycle more items, too.

Not only does the plan encourage more recycling but it reduces trash on the roadways and streets as well. Frankly, people would be hard pressed to find an excuse not to recycle these days.

We have Advanced Disposal and like clockwork, the company empties my trash and recycling on time on schedule. My whole neighborhood has the same carts and recycling bins. How about we create a community competition to see which neighborhood can recycle more? It would show how easy it is and hopefully green up some folks. Does your neighborhood have what it takes?

Our family is proud to be a part of the solution to trash reduction. I challenge others to help out too. That way, we all win and Gwinnett County remains a great place to live.

— Lisa Ramsay

Sugar Hill