CLINE: Can locals step up to the plate?

Todd Cline

Todd Cline

It’s not lost on me — or my waistline — that my television viewing habits are ironic at best, unhealthy at worst. I’m addicted to the Travel Channel’s “Man vs. Food” show, which follows host Adam Richman as he scours the country for interesting cuisine and the biggest eating challanges.

That I watch the show while eating dinner says more about me than I would like. To watch someone eat large amounts of food while eating large amounts of food suggests issues of some sort. But at least I don’t turn the channel to “Cupcake Wars” when it’s time for dessert.

So far I’ve eaten at six restaurants featured on the show, with my personal favorite being the horeshoe sandwich in my home state of Illinois followed by the ribs at Rendezvous in Memphis. There are countless other places and dishes I’d like to try after watching the show, but participating in an eating challenge is not high on my list.

Even with my healthy appetite, I don’t think I’d be a match for most of the monstrous challenges the host takes on, especially the ones involving hot cuisine. I couldn’t handle the “death” sauce wings and other spicy food that literally brings Adam to tears. I’m not sure why anyone attempts it, to be honest. Eating shoudn’t cause agony.

That said, it would be great if a local Gwinnett eatery concoted an eating challenge interesting enough to bring “Man vs. Food” to the county. It seems that Gwinnett makes the headlines in every other way, why not with a behemoth burrito, a gargantuan gyro or a pork sandwich the size of a human head?

It would be good for business, create some publicity and make for good TV. Not to mention it will give me something else to watch during dinner.

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