Burnette throws hat in ring for Suwanee mayor

Photo by Michael Buckelew

Photo by Michael Buckelew

SUWANEE -- City councilman Jimmy Burnette announced Tuesday that he will run for mayor in the upcoming November election. The Suwanee native, who has served on the City Council since 1996, follows in his father's political footsteps; James Burnette, Sr., served on Suwanee's City Council for 32 years.

Burnette has considered running for mayor for some time.

"I finally was able to work it all out. It's time to do it," said Burnette, who discussed the proposition at length with his wife and children. "We want to ensure that the Suwanee vision continues."

Among the visions Burnette wants to further are the Suwanee Gateway, Town Center and Main Street, as well as all the neighborhoods that make up the Suwanee community.

"We also want to take the 20/20 Vision forward," Burnette said.

To date, no other candidates have said publicly that their sights are set on the mayor's seat. Voters in November will also decide who will fill the council seat Burnette is vacating in his bid for mayor.

Mayor Dave Williams, who is leading transportation efforts at the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce as a vice president on the chamber's public policy team, is not seeking re-election.