Wildlife division gets new law chief

The Wildlife Resources Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources promoted a new chief of law enforcement earlier this month.

Col. Eddie Henderson, who has served the Georgia DNR Law Enforecement section since 1982, will fill the vacancy left by Col. Homer Bryson.

The WRD Chief of Law Enforecement is required to provide leadership and supervision for the statewide law enforecement section.

"Col. Henderson is a great choice for this leadership role, thanks to his good working relationship with staff and the fact that he serves as a great ambassador with other Law Enforcement agencies, and we look forward to seeing his success as Chief of Law Enforcement," said Melissa Cummings, communications and outreach specialist, in an email.

Some of the duties Henderson would be responsible for include Supervising all WRD conservation Rangers and other section personnel, overseeing the enforcement of all game, fish and boating safety laws, overseeing the training of law enforcement personnel and maintaining a consistent, high quality, customer-focused orientation to clients, the general public and other external customers, said a release.

Cummings said she believes Henderson's experience makes him well suited for the position. He has developed protocols for Disaster Response plans in the past, and was involved with the FBI National Academy Georgia Chapter and the Georgia Counter Terrorism Task Force.

"The Division looks forward to the same level of dedication and leadership that Col. Henderson has shown throughout his career," Cummings said. "We expect that he will be able to continue to further the mission of the agency in his work in the future."