Loganville giving amnesty for unpaid traffic violations

LOGANVILLE -- The city of Loganville is offering temporary amnesty and waiving certain warrants and fees for those with outstanding traffic and ordinance violations.

Between Aug. 1 and 31, persons having unpaid citations with the city of Loganville Municipal Court -- including those with failure to appear warrants and contempt of court fees -- will have the opportunity to clear their cases and have the $100 contempt of court fees waived.

In cases involving a driver's license suspension, the court will issue the necessary paperwork to allow reinstatement of driving privileges once fines are satisfied and the case is closed. Those with outstanding warrants will be able to clear their cases and avoid arrest if they come forward during this period.

"We have a backlog of over 800 cases with unpaid fines," Judge Brad Brownlow said in a news release. "This will be their last opportunity to clear their cases without facing arrest and possible jail time."

"In these tough economic times, the removal of the $100 contempt fee may be the best reason to come forward and clear an old case."

The municipal court currently has $230,000 in unpaid fines on its books.

Anyone wishing to take advantage of the amnesty program may do so at the court at 605 Tom Brewer Road, Loganville. For more information, call 770-466-8087.