'Last 5 Years' coming this weekend to Duluth

DULUTH -- The Live Arts Theatre is hosting "The Last 5 Years" at the New Dawn Theater in Duluth on Saturday and Sunday.

The musical, which is a two-person production, tells the story of the last five years in a couple's marriage.

"It's a marriage that crumbled and they both started off young, idealistic and kind of went in separate ways," said Sherry Ingbritsen, president and artistic director at the New Dawn Theater. "She starts in year five which is where they are getting a divorce and he starts at year one where they are just getting ready to get married."

The audience can witness the couple's woven history through their progression in the play.

The man, named Jamie, begins when the couple is thrilled to start a life together, but progresses to where it all falls apart.

The woman, named Cathy, starts off on the opposite side of the spectrum. She starts off at the end asking herself why they chose to get married, and regresses to when the couple first fell in love.

"It's an interesting show," Ingbritsen said. "It has good music, and it's a two person show. There (are) simple sets (because) the story revolves around the music, telling the story of the last 5 years."

The Live Arts Theatre is a new theater company out of Buford hosting their first production. Ingbritsen said the production has been successful so far and they are expecting a larger audience this weekend.

"It's just a way for people to get out and have something different to get away from the regular day-to-day things going on," Ingbritsen said. "Live Theater is very different from going and watching a movie because live theater draws you in. You become a part of whatever is happening on stage."