House of Joy to host event for women, kids

NORCROSS -- The House of Joy is hosting "The Cry of the Homeless" today from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Dream Center at 10 College St. in Norcross.

The goal of the event is to reach out to women and children in crisis such as homelessness, domestic violence, addictions and foreclosures.

It will feature keynote speakers from DFCS, Detective Services, Gwinnett Medical, and the Norcross Police Department and member from the community. There will also be refreshments, door prizes, drawings and a silent auction .

Founder and President of the House of Joy, Bobbi Pack, said this event is to emphasize the growing need of these women and children. She said she hopes that people will take an interest in these people and the fact that Gwinnett does not have a place for them in times of emergency.

"Gwinnett does not have an emergency homeless shelter for women and children," Pack said. "We need to reach out to these people and provide them with shelter and services so they can go back into the world and live a successful life."

The House of Norcross is a nonprofit organization under the umbrella of Love in Action Outreach Ministries that focuses on serving homeless mothers with dependent children in Gwinnett County.

The organization is working with the city of Norcross to find property that can be used as an emergency homeless shelter.

Pack said that helping these people in need is her calling and being a liaison for these women, she has learned that they do want to start a new life.

"These are decent women who have fallen on hard times," she said. "They need people with compassion to reach out and help them."