POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Woodall says borrowing should stop

Camie Young

Camie Young

Gwinnett’s Congressman Rob Woodall was part of the debate in Washington this week about the controversial raising of the debt ceiling.

Woodall spoke from the House floor to talk about the issue.

“What we have is a debt crisis,” Woodall said, making a distinction that the situation is not a “vote crisis.”

“Mr. Speaker, if it were just existing debt perhaps we could work out a way to finance that. But it’s not. It’s continued borrowing each and every day. To the tune of 42 cents of every dollar that we spend. ... In other words, if we paid for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, interest on the national debt, those other mandatory spending programs, just those, Mr. Speaker, we’ve already spent every nickel in federal revenue. That means every nickel that we spend for education, every nickel that we spend for transportation, every nickel that we spend on national defense, on homeland security, on the environment, on the courts, every other nickel we borrow, with absolutely no plan, Mr. Speaker, for changing that going forward.”

Woodall said there is only one way to address the problem: the Senate should pass a budget, which hasn’t been accomplished in three years.

“As you know, we’ve just been shuffling the books in this town because that’s what Washington does so well, raiding this fund to pay that, raiding this fund to pay this, over and over and over again and apparently the games just run out on August 2,” he said. “Well, Mr. Speaker, the games cannot continue. The games must stop and they must stop here and we must lead as we have always led in this body. We do not have a debt limit vote crisis. We have a debt crisis that is driven by our addiction to borrowing and spending. The borrowing and spending stops here, Mr. Speaker, and I thank you for your leadership on that.”

Service talks resume

Gwinnett’s new chairwoman has headed into the negotiating room with local mayors, trying to find a solution to the service delivery saga that has kept the governments in court for years.

A discussion took place behind closed doors after Wednesday’s Gwinnett Municipal Association meeting.

While a judge heard the case last year and still could make a ruling, Norcross Mayor Bucky Johnson said the talk went well.

“Discussion was positive, and we are drafting plans for further dialogue,” he said.

Berlon speaks in Barrow

The Gwinnett lawyer who is chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia is the speaker for this month’s party meeting in Barrow.

Mike Berlon is expected to talk about his 30 years of political engagement, where he has served as a candidate as well as helped others with campaigns.

The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Monday at Winder’s Golden Coral. Anyone is welcome to attend.

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