WORLD IN BRIEF: Egyptians demand justice after Mubarak

Egyptians demand justice after Mubarak

CAIRO — Tens of thousands of Egyptians braved scorching summer heat to hold one of their biggest protests in months Friday, filling streets in Cairo and other cities to demand trials for members of Hosni Mubarak’s regime and express frustration with the slow pace of change.

The exhilaration of Mubarak’s ouster on Feb. 11 after 18 days of mass protests has yielded to widespread frustration that ‘‘the revolution’’ has stalled. The economy remains sluggish and many are confused about what comes next. Some are demanding that the country’s military rulers, who took power after Mubarak, push back parliamentary elections set for September because most political factions are not ready.

Many complain that although Mubarak and many hated figures under him have lost power, the key elements of his regime remain in the judiciary, the police and the civil service.

South Sudan now a nation, world’s newest

JUBA, South Sudan — South Sudan became the world’s newest nation early today, officially breaking away from Sudan after two civil wars over five decades that cost the lives of millions.

In the new country’s capital, Juba, streets pulsed with excitement. Residents danced, banged on jerry cans and chanted the name of the world’s newest president, Salva Kiir. One man kneeled and kissed the ground as a group ran through the streets singing ‘‘We will never, never, never surrender.’’

The Republic of South Sudan earned independence at 12:01 a.m. today, breaking Africa’s largest country in two. It marked the culmination of a January independence vote, which was guaranteed in a 2005 peace deal that ended the most recent north-south war.

Libya’s Gadhafi lashes out at NATO on TV

TRIPOLI, Libya — An agitated Moammar Gadhafi lashed out Friday at those seeking to push him from power, warning in an audio message broadcast on state TV that NATO and his other enemies will be trampled ‘‘under the feet of the Libyan masses.’’

In the capital of Tripoli, meanwhile, thousands rallied in the main square for mass prayers and a show of support for Gadhafi. The gathering in the capital’s Green Square came a week after another large pro-government demonstration there, showing that Gadhafi can still muster significant support in his stronghold Tripoli.