GMA director addresses Dacula

DACULA — Randy Meacham, managing director of the Gwinnett Municipal Association, visited Dacula on Thursday evening, sitting in on the City Council meeting and addressing Mayor Jimmy Wilbanks and council members.

After expressing his thanks to city leaders for their consistent support of GMA, Meacham indicated that he is optimistic that county and city representatives will soon re-start negotiations concerning the disputed Service Delivery Strategy.

Meacham and city and county leaders met with Gwinnett County Commission Chairman Charlotte Nash on Wednesday evening about the strategy. Referring to Chairman Nash, Meacham said, “She’s taken a fresh look at (the issue), to her credit.”

Projects to be advertised for bid

City staff got the go-ahead Thursday to advertise two projects for construction bid: the new maintenance building and Williams Farm Road asphalt reclamation and replacement.

The city maintenance building will be built on the west end of Drowning Creek Road. The Williams Farm Road project involves about 2,170 feet of street and will entail a complete base and topping replacement rather than a just new topping of asphalt. According to city administrator Jim Osborn, the more involved work is more expensive but will last about 15 years, as opposed to an estimated 3 years if a 11⁄2-inch topping of asphalt is applied to the road surface.