Recently reviewed films now playing in area theaters:

* Buck (PG) A competent and heartfelt, but ultimately forgettable, documentary about Dan "Buck" Brannaman, the guy who provided inspiration for the title character in the novel "The Horse Whisperer" later played by Robert Redford in the film of the same name. 21/2 stars -- Michael Clark

* Cars 2 (PG) The sequel to the least popular title in Pixar studio history also turns out to be its first out-and-out clunker. While containing an interesting riff/parody on James Bond spy thrillers, the movie's multiple international story lines slow it down to a crawl. 2 stars -- MC

* Conan O'Brien Can't Stop (NR) This documentary about the former "Tonight Show" host fails to delve into what really happened between him and the NBC brass and instead portrays him as a petulant, angry whiner spewing bile during a 32 date comedy/music concert tour. 11/2 stars -- MC

* Rejoice and Shout (PG) It would be impossible to squeeze the history of gospel music into the space of a 90-minute documentary, but that doesn't stop director Don McGlynn from giving it a go. Too little of this and not enough of that leads to a frustrating, incomplete film. 2 stars -- MC

* The Art of Getting By (PG-13) Containing every hackneyed and threadbare art house, coming of age cliche imaginable, this nearly incoherent romantic drama (originally titled "Homework") is far too lightweight for teens and a complete waste of time for anyone older than that. 1 star -- MC

* Mr. Popper's Penguins (PG) Sharing little in common with the 1930s book that inspired it, this family action/comedy starring Jim Carrey often flirts with excess but never crosses the line. Sure it's lightweight fluff, but all of it is executed very well and is quite enjoyable. 31/2 stars -- MC