LETTER: How many lies will we take on immigration?

Many pro-illegal alien advocates have come up with what they proclaim is the perfect solution to solving our illegal immigration problem. All we have to do is to grant amnesty to the illegal aliens currently in our country, enforce provisions that would prohibit the employment of new illegal aliens and announce that there would never be another amnesty. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Oops, it’s been done! These were the devout promises made by Congress to obtain the vast catastrophic amnesty of 1986, promises which were immediately broken. Congress knowingly and purposely withdrew funding and support that would have fulfilled the promises made.

Just why should we respect our politicians or the totally dishonest Chambers of Commerce who advocate complete and total amnesty? We American citizens have been repeatedly lied to before so just why should we not demand enforcement of our immigration laws before we consider any type of amnesty to include the flawed DREAM Act, which we are told is only a “limited” amnesty for children, but is nothing but a disguised amnesty for untold millions of illegals.

How long shall we Americans be taken for fools by our so-called leaders? And to boot, politicians claimed that by passing NAFTA, a provision that sent millions of formerly American jobs to Mexico, we were given the devout promise that the transfer of these jobs would effectively stop the problem of massive illegal immigration from Mexico. How many lies shall we tolerate??

Enforcement of immigration laws need to come before more deceitful amnesties.

— Ernest Wade