LETTERS: Georgia needs all the educational help it can get

In reference to Dick Yarbrough’s column “Obama, leave Ga. public education alone” (Jan. 8, Page 8A), you failed to mention that former Gov. Sonny Perdue voluntarily agreed to participate in the Race To The Top program. He could have declined. When your state is in the bottom 20 percent in SAT scores you are in no position to decline help.

The program seeks to assist teachers by holding them accountable for their students success. I am sure that Gwinnett and Cobb county public school teachers do not need the help, but all of the others do. When we think of excellence in public education in Georgia, we think of Gwinnett and Coob. Which county is third, fourth or fifth?

All of the students that you mentioned, including the “child who slept in an abandoned car” and “the student who just had a miscarriage and is at school only because a judge ordered her to be there” deserve an opportunity to receive a quality education administered by competent administrators and teachers. The large majority of administrators and teachers are up for this task. It is what they live for.

It’s the ones that are not whom you are trying to protect. And the next time you blame President Barack Obama for a local problem, try to offer some solutions.

— James Davenport