Recently reviewed films now playing in theaters:

• Blue Valentine (R) Co-leads Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams rightfully earned multiple awards nominations for their roles as husband and wife in this ultra-depressing drama that ingenuously chronicles the slow descent of a tumultuous, ill-advised marriage. 3 stars — Michael Clark

• Gulliver’s Travels (PG) Producer Jack Black plays himself as the title character in this modern day butchering of the Jonathan Swift classic satire. Adding insult to injury, Black surrounds himself with mostly talented British thespians called on to look and act like fools. 11⁄2 stars — MC

• Little Fockers (PG-13) Maybe not the worst movie of 2010, but certainly a travesty on every level. The entire original cast returns — every one of them solely for a paycheck — and none is more pathetic, grating, unfunny and unlikeable as co-producer Robert De Niro. 1⁄2 of a star — MC

• Made In Dagenham (PG-13) Competent and pretty if not altogether memorable, this artsy comedic drama about striking female auto workers in 1960s Britain is little more than a watered down “Norma Rae” with a better soundtrack and higher-end production values. 21⁄2 stars — MC