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GSMST accepting apps for freshmen

LAWRENCEVILLE — As its inaugural class prepares to graduate, the Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology is accepting applications for its next batch of ninth-graders.

GSMST is a charter school created by Gwinnett County Public Schools. The school focuses on advanced and challenging studies in the fields of engineering, bioscience and emerging technology.

The school opened in 2007, and the first freshman class is set to graduate in May. The school has recently been honored for students’ high academic achievement, receiving the Platinum award for highest performance under Georgia’s Single Statewide Accountability System.

All of the school’s seniors passed all four sections of the Georgia High School Graduation Test in their 11th-grade year — a feat accomplished by only one other school in the state. Results from the Georgia High School Writing Test also showed all of GSMST’s current seniors passed, with 51 percent exceeding expectations.

Current eighth-grade students on track to meet promotion requirements can submit applications to GSMST until Jan. 21. Registration material is available at

As a charter school, any Gwinnett County student interested in attending the school will be accepted, unless there are more applicants than spaces available. If that happens, a lottery will take place in February to determine enrollment.

However, the school’s rigorous curriculum may not meet the needs of all students. GSMST freshmen take Accelerated Integrated Geometry and Accelerated Integrated Precalculus — two years of high school math completed in one year. Students who don’t complete Accelerated Integrated Algebra I in eighth-grade won’t be successful at GSMST, according to the registration packet.

Other ninth-grade courses include Advanced Chemistry, Advanced Physics, Engineering Concepts, Humanities, Chinese or Spanish, and an elective.

Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology is located at 970 McElvaney Lane in Lawrenceville.