POLITICS: Woodall to help set rules in Congress with new job

Camie Young

Camie Young

Rob Woodall got his prime job assignment in Congress.

The day he was officially elected Speaker of the House, John Boehner tapped Woodall for the prestigious House Committee on Rules.

The committee determines the rules for every floor vote, including how many amendments are allowed and how long members can debate the matter.

“Virtually every bill in Congress goes to the Committee on Rules, where its select members decide exactly what can be done to change the bill once it is brought to the House floor,” Woodall said. “Serving on the Committee on Rules means that I will touch every single bill that comes to the House Floor for a vote.”

Even though the Lawrenceville man was sworn in for his first term Wednesday, the day the House confirmed his appointment, Woodall said he is up to the challenge. Several years ago, he was committee staff director, when U.S. Rep. John Linder, his predecessor and former boss, served on the committee.

“I know that Rules will play a unique role in reforming the corrupt ways that the Democrats brought bills to a vote,” Woodall said, adding that in the past few years bills passed “under the cloak of darkness.” “With the Republicans in control and looking to pass important legislation like defunding ObamaCare, the Rules Committee will play an integral part in ensuring important bills like these come to the House Floor in a fair manner. The job will be tough, but I am ready for the challenges that I and my fellow committee members will face. ...

“As I perform my duties as a member of the House Committee on Rules, I promise to keep the principles of freedom, the rule of law and the best interests of the Seventh District in the front of my mind.”

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