LETTER: Right on, Ronda

I have to tell you that I look forward to the weekend paper so much. I always enjoy the viewpoints of Ronda Rich, Dixie Divas.

I have always understood where she was coming from. It is as if we have been separated from birth. Her viewpoints as a Southern girl are so refreshing.

This past weekends article about her mother’s frugality was hysterical. I can totally relate. I’m from a Scots-Irish background as well, and though duct tape was not used as much at home, we had many items “fixed” in ingenious ways. And as a teenager, I have to admit, it didn’t always amuse me. I swore that I would never do something like that.

But my dad did teach me how to save, and I remember opening up my first savings account, saving pennies and rolling them up, and feeling so good when I actually went to the bank to make a deposit. I loved that little blue savings book. Now I still think before I buy something, do I really need this? And after having my first job — and spending my hard earned money — I learned that investing in a higher quality blouse was a much better deal than throwing my money away on a cheap one.

I became a coupon queen after my daughter was born. Learning that looking through the sales ads and cutting out coupons for diapers made a whole lot of sense. So now I do it for almost everything.

I will continue on in the frugality department, driving my husband and daughter nuts. Hopefully one day my daughter will find the “square” things I do to be thought of fondly as well.

Ronda, I can’t wait to see your next article!

— Patricia Michko