LETTER: Kudos to King on truth about aliens

Thanks again to D. A. King for reminding us that we need to closely watch our governor and our other elected politicians.

Don’t think for a moment that these politicians are other than political animals intent on feathering their nest and being re-elected. And don’t think for a moment that organizations like the Chambers of Commerce, the ACLU and the illegal-alien-lobby actually gives a hoot about American sovereignty or the rights of American citizenship.

The chambers of commerce want only to increase profits of their members by passing on their actual costs of doing business and social costs on to the rest of us. The ACLU has its own utopian agenda which is to destroy our traditional values. The illegal alien lobby lusts to destroy any and all immigration restrictions. And the Libertarian Party, well, they have been out to lunch for a long time especially on the immigration matter and I wonder just how they have the guts to show the American flag.

Our federal government has proven itself to be completely untrustworthy and most of our state politicians can’t be trusted out of our sight. Just like King says, we must constantly demand of our state politicians that they keep their promises. Passage of HB 87 to include enforced statewide use of E-Verify will tell us if they will keep their promises. Don’t listen to what they say but watch very carefully what they do.

— Ernest Wade