PEOPLE: Lawyers say Kerrigan too drunk to waive his rights

Lawyers say Kerrigan too drunk to waive his rights

WOBURN, Mass. — The brother of Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan said he “grabbed his father by the throat” before he died, a police officer testified Thursday, but defense lawyers want such evidence barred from trial, saying he was too drunk to voluntarily waive his right to remain silent.

Daniel Kerrigan, 70, died in January 2010 following an altercation with son Mark Kerrigan at the family’s Stoneham home.

Prosecutors charged Mark Kerrigan with manslaughter. The Kerrigan family says Daniel Kerrigan died from a longstanding heart condition and maintains that Mark Kerrigan was not responsible.

Friend claims Kinison was child’s father

LOS ANGELES — A longtime friend of Sam Kinison said Thursday that he recently obtained DNA testing shows the late comedian fathered a daughter with his ex-wife and that he hopes the revelation will free him from years of unpaid child support penalties.

Comic Carl La Bove filed a petition Thursday to try to invalidate a nearly 13-year-old agreement requiring him to make payments for the girl, who is now 21 years old. As of 2009, La Bove owed nearly $188,000 in back child support, according to a statement filed with his petition.

Doctors: TV reporter had a migraine

LOS ANGELES — A TV reporter who lapsed into gibberish during a live shot outside the Grammys suffered a migraine, her doctors said Thursday.

KCBS-TV reporter Serene Branson was doing a stand-up Sunday outside the Staples Center where the award show was held when her speech became incoherent. The station quickly cut away, and she was examined by paramedics and recovered at home.

Branson’s incoherence fueled Internet speculation that she suffered an on-air stroke. But doctors at the University of California, Los Angeles where she went to get a brain scan and blood work done ruled it out.

Doctors said the kind of migraine Branson suffered can mimic symptoms of a stroke.