Sugar Hill discusses building permits

SUGAR HILL — The Sugar Hill City Council, which recently showed its flexibility by allowing McDonald’s variances to the city’s architectural design standards and sign regulations for a new location, contemplated similar abridgments at the council’s work session Monday night.

In addition to considering whether to allow a home builder to erect residential fencing in drainage easements, the council discussed granting another resident a special-use permit to erect a storage building along the side of his home on a corner.

Specifically, the council contemplated whether to allow homeowner Jonathan Philbrick to erect a prefabricated 160-square-foot storage building with metal siding alongside his home at 4901 Sugar Creek Drive at the corner of Level Creek Road. Ordinances require storage buildings in excess of 120 square feet to be made of wood, hardy plank, brick or stone siding, but the city’s Planning and Development department recommended granting the permit, provided the structure be painted to match Philbrick’s house or screened from view by landscaping or approved fencing.

The council also:

• Discussed a developer’s request to rezone approximately 13 of 16 acres along Ga. Highway 20 at the Chattahoochee River from office institutional to single family residential. The River Preserve community was proposed in 2005 on the land originally annexed in 1999. The most recent rezoning request is part of a planned 40-plus acre subdivision of approximately 22 lots.

• Analyzed Pulte home builder’s request to encroach six feet into a 20-foot drainage easement to construct a residential retaining wall at 708 Binkley Trail in the Barrington Estates subdivision near the city’s Gary Pirkle Park. The eight-foot-high wall’s supportive timbers buried horizontally would encroach near drainage pipe.

• Reviewed related requests to allow 6-foot fencing in a drainage easement at other Barrington Estates lots — 6897, 6774 and 6777 Barker Station Walk.

• Contemplated allowing Sugar Hill Automotive to fence about four acres recently purchased at 105 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., about a half mile south of West Price Road, also within a drainage easement.