KING: Predictions on illegal immigration for 2012

At the end of another year of federal government sanctioned colonization of America by millions of resentful illegal aliens, some predictions and observations for 2012 involving illegal immigration.Prediction: Agenda-driven pollsters will continue to attempt to sway public opinion on what should be done with the millions of illegals who have created a massive, well-funded, bipartisan and liberal media-backed defense force against deportation -- the punishment for unauthorized presence in the USA.

Consider the ubiquitous campaign-driven "scientific immigration polls" containing questions that perpetuate the straw man argument that since it would be (regrettably) difficult to deport every illegal by sundown tomorrow, the only other option must be to begin another massive legalization. These skewed polls intentionally omit the proven and recognized effective reasonable solution called "attrition through enforcement (ATE)."

This concept -- repeatedly presented in this space for nearly a decade and proven successful each time a state passes an immigration enforcement law -- acknowledges that it took more than 30 years for the current nationally suicidal crisis to develop and that there is no magical overnight remedy. It could take 30 years to fully solve.

Gradual attrition of the illegal population through enforcement of the law is the logical and reasonable third choice Americans are not supposed to ever consider. Especially in an election season poll.

Predictions within a prediction: The media will continue to hide that fact that nearly half of the insurgent illegal aliens currently in the U.S. did not arrive here illegally. They came on legal tourist visas and refused to leave. The media -- and the candidates -- will fail to make the fact that we have no dependable system in place to monitor visa-holder departures a campaign issue.

ATE recognizes that border security and law enforcement is a fundamental duty of the federal government and is not a campaign bargaining chip. And that, like all criminals, illegals flee enforcement.

One comical example: In 2007 when Arizona passed its E-Verify law, hundreds of thousands of fearful illegal aliens fled that state. The panicked howls from northern Mexican local officials said a lot. They pleaded for American advice on providing education, jail space, services and jobs to the hordes of impoverished returning Mexican citizens.

More proof that enforcement works: Much of the state and national media spent six months condemning Georgia's most recent illegal immigration law known as HB 87 because illegals are leaving for friendlier states. As planned. (Yippee!)

Another prediction: An increasing number of Georgia's agriculture employers will begin to use the numerically unlimited federal H2A temporary guest worker visa established as part of the 1986 amnesty. According to a few grudging press reports, many Georgia growers who wailed that HB 87 and its E-Verify component made it hard to find and hire black market labor are now applying for legal workers ... using the legal H2A method.

"I think a lot of growers are looking to H2A as an alternative this spring," Charles Hall recently told Atlanta's WXIA TV. Hall is director of the Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association. R.T. Stanley, an onion farmer interviewed by WXIA, will also reluctantly use the H-2A program next year. Stanley says he and other farmers are "just forced into it because they can't get enough labor otherwise." There is now a shortage of illegals because enforcement works.

Prediction: Farmers will not turn down any taxpayer-funded subsidies in 2012.

Prediction: On immigration enforcement, GOP presidential candidate "make 'em legal but don't call it amnesty" Newt Gingrich will continue to spew what National Review blogger and Center for Immigration Studies Executive Director Mark Krikorian charitably calls "gibberish" on enforcement.

And the media will continue to ignore the fact that Mitt Romney is talking about attrition through enforcement.

Recent reports of declining unemployment numbers in Alabama and Georgia will ignore the fact that pending E-Verify and enforcement laws in both states were passed to protect legal workers and create job openings.

Observation: Because of her work on the issue when she served in the Justice Department, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan has reportedly recused herself when the nation's high court considers the Obama administration's challenge to parts of Arizona's latest illegal immigration enforcement law in 2012.

Prediction: Justice Sonia Sotomayor, an unapologetic former member of the anti-enforcement National Council of La Raza (The Race) will not recuse herself.

And the dependable media will remain as silent on this travesty as they hope you will on immigration enforcement in 2012.

D.A. King is president of the Cobb-based Dustin Inman Society and a nationally recognized authority on illegal immigration. He worked closely with legislators on HB 87.