Snellville actress returns to the stage for a great year

SNELLVILLE -- After a three-year hiatus from the stage, Snellville resident Adrienne Reynolds decided she needed to return to the bright lights of the theater. And it's a good thing she did -- she won a Suzi Bass Award for "Lead Actress -- Musical" for her role in "Gut Bucket Blues" with the Kenny Leon True Colors Theatre Company back in November.

"Oh my god. I was actually floored. It felt so wonderful to actually get that award," she said. "This was my first year back, and it was such an amazing role to come back to ... (Bessie Smith) was a hot mess to play. The Suzi Award is your peers saying, 'Yes, yes yes' about your work and it felt good that people of the theater community would give it to me."

Reynolds has been in theater for close to 15 years, but she eventually took a break for a change of pace while embracing adulthood.

"Last year was my first year back. It's been great and I'm very excited about being back, working with my first love," she said. "I took a break because I felt like it was time to be a grown-up, but that life is nothing like what I feel when I'm on stage doing what I was created to do. It's something that's in me."

Since entering back into the limelight, Reynolds has let her creative juices flow into another love of her's: music. In January, the thespian will begin work on her first musical album, which she hopes to release in May.

"It is like soulful rock, almost like a soft rock with retro aspects," Reynolds said. "I love expressing myself through art, and music is another form of what I want to say. There are more things I want to say that I can't do in theater."

Besides a blossoming music career, Reynolds has a few other goals for the new year: to work with Lawrenceville's Aurora Theatre and to become involved with ArtWorks! Gwinnett.

"This is me. This is what I want to do," Reynolds said. "I would like to become more aware of what's going on in the Gwinnett County community and become more aware of the things my county as to offer."