Doctor offers healthy holiday eating tips

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Eating healthy is hard. During the holidays, it's even more difficult -- a seemingly endless supply of turkey, ham, casseroles, pies and chocolate make gorging very easy.

Dr. Stephanie Walsh, the medical director for child wellness at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, offered a few tips for healthy eating for the holidays.

-- Try to incorporate more whole fruits and vegetables into your Christmas meal, and save the calories that are often added by heavy casseroles.

-- Serve water instead of sugary beverages like lemonade, alcohol and sweet tea with your meal.

-- On Christmas day, consider leaving the TV and computers off all day to create more opportunities to be active.

-- Play a game of touch football, frisbee or kickball after your Christmas meal to help everyone feel energized rather than lethargic.

-- Remember that overindulging during the holidays can often lead to eating unhealthy all of the time.

-- Remember that parents serve as role models for their children. That includes healthy eating choices.