Stone Mountain Park offers Snow Mountain through Feb. 20

Commercial shoot at Stone Mountain Park outside of Atlanta, GA.

Commercial shoot at Stone Mountain Park outside of Atlanta, GA.


What: Snow Mountain

• When: Through Feb. 20. For dates at times, visit website.

• Where: Stone Mountain Park, 1000 Robert E. Lee Drive, Stone Mountain

• Cost: $27 per person plus $10 parking pass

• For more information: Visit festivals.stonemountainpark.com

STONE MOUNTAIN -- Want a guarantee for snow this year? Stone Mountain Park has a massive Snow Mountain for thrill seekers, families and snow bunnies to slide down until Feb. 20.

"As a father, I know I can't stop time. My children will get older, but I can make sure that we capture precious moments together, especially during the holiday season," said Gerald Rakestraw, vice president and general manager of Stone Mountain Park. "Stone Mountain Christmas and Snow Mountain are both places we can create those memories that will last a lifetime."

For the fourth year in a row, the park has created a Georgia winter wonderland on the "Laser Lawn." Since November, employees have been creating snow from the water out of Stone Mountain Lake.

"We've made more snow this year -- 360 tons of snow per day," said Jeanine Jones, public relations manager Stone Mountain Park. "When it's this warm outside, we're making snow constantly."

The melted snow water is channeled back into the lake and reused for more snow. There is no water used from any other source.

With more than 20 snow-tubing slides, the mountain needs to be tended to regularly. Every night, the mound is "groomed" to keep its shape. By the morning, there is new snow added to the pile and shaped back into lanes.

"This year is the best ever because Snow Mountain is in conjunction with Stone Mountain Christmas," said Paul Creasy, Snow Mountain engineer. "There's something for any kid at any age."

There are a few different areas for families to roam. The Avalanche Alley is for older kids with their parents and other adults. The Snow Zone was created for the younger children to tube, make snowmen and snow angels.

Need to warm up? There are bonfires to roast marshmallows.

For a two-hour tubing session, register online.