LETTERS: Gingrich's immigration ideas bring questions

Although Newt Gingrich has a lot of deep solutions to our nation's problems, I have questions about his proposed solutions to address illegal immigration. As a former Immigration Inspector with the old INS, I am well aware of the myriad problems with the 1986 Amnesty which Newt supported. We were promised that 1. only about 300,000 illegals would be granted amnesty, 2. internal workplace enforcement would be implemented, and 3. there would never be another amnesty. All were lies since funding for the computer systems that would help identify illegal aliens was canceled, effective vetting of illegal aliens eligible for amnesty was overridden and even fraudulent applications were "rubber-stamped." And here we are with still another amnesty.

As a further reminder of Washington's arrogance and lies, remember NAFTA? This was where millions of American jobs were encouraged to go to Mexico with the promise that no longer would illegal Mexicans flood across our border. Yeah, sure.

And now Newt has proposed that "local boards" would decide which illegal aliens would qualify for his proposed amnesty. Local? And just how would Newt suppose that the extreme leftists in places like Denver, Seattle, D.C. and San Francisco would decide this issue? Newt has either lost his common sense or considers us idiots if we would buy his fairy tale.

Throw in this mix the propensity of illegals to manufacture any type of document, rent receipt or attestation to any "fact" known to mankind, I believe Newt, who should have learned from the failed 1986 amnesty, to be dishonest in his non-solution, solution. Frankly, I am tired of being lied to and I demand enforcement of our immigration laws before any kind of amnesty is even considered. Perhaps we can eventually consider amnesty for a narrowly selected group of younger illegal aliens, but haven't we learned that we simply cannot trust politicians to protect our nation from massive illegal immigration?

-- Ernest Wade,



kevin 3 years, 7 months ago

Newt is the ONLY candidate that is being realistic. What candidate, including Obama, will ever find and return ALL illegals? This is a joke to ever discuss this. If those people have been "lost" for 25 yrs, do you really think the Feds are going to find them all now to deport? Be realistic. I agree with Newt to let those stay after being productive for 20+ yrs. Anything less just highlights the disgrace our Federal & State governments have bestowed upon s for letting this get to this point.


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