Sunday sales begin this weekend in Lilburn

LILBURN -- Lilburn residents will be able to to exercise their new right to buy beer and wine by the package this Sunday after the city adopted the Sunday alcohol sales ordinance at its city council meeting on Monday night.

Like a majority of cities across Gwinnett County, Lilburn residents voted overwhelmingly to approve Sunday alcohol sales by the package during the Nov. 8 election. The Lilburn City Council made it official on Monday, becoming the 11th city in Gwinnett to allow Sunday sales.

Councilman Eddie Price said that had the municipality not moved forward in allowing it, "we would have been putting our retailers at a disadvantage."

"With nearly everybody else doing this as well, we didn't want to put them in a bad position," Price said. "We moved forward with what the voters wanted us to do."

Recently, officials with the city of Dacula also began allowing residents to buy beer and wine from retailers on Sunday.

In related news, merchants in downtown Duluth will now be permitted to sell or serve beer and wine to customers on a limited basis.

For $250, merchants in downtown Duluth can purchase a license that lets them serve a limited number of alcoholic beverages on specified dates.

The Duluth City Council voted unanimously on Monday to amend its alcoholic beverage code to allow merchants to get an ancillary alcohol sales license if they meet certain requirements.

Stipulations included a limit on the amount of beer or wine served, a limitation on hours in which it could be served, a limitation on the gross annual percentage of alcohol sold and a requirement to obtain a state-issued alcohol consumption license.

The ancillary alcohol sales license would only be available to Duluth's downtown district merchants. Outside of downtown, beer and wine served by the drink is not permitted within city limits.

In addition, City Clerk Teresa Lynn said ancillary licenses do not permit merchants to serve alcohol on Sundays.