LETTERS: Thanks go out to Gwinnett Water Department

Thanks go out to Gwinnett Water Department

Thanks go to Gwinnett Water Department Foreman Phillip Page and his dedicated crew for sticking with their efforts to repair a 10-inch water main that ruptured near The Gem Shopping Network building last week. Mr. Page and his crew arrived about 16 hours into the outage that had left our 24-hour television network without any running water. He quickly found the root cause and then navigated 12 hours of repairs, including a natural gas leak and some ruptured adjacent pipes to finally restore water service to our building -- 31 long hours after the outage.

Mr. Page understood that our Gem Shopping Team was in the building selling colored gemstones and jewelry broadcast live continuously during this entire outage and he had committed not to leave until the job was finished. He and his crew did exactly that, and for that I salute him and the Gwinnett Water crew.

-- PJ Lynch

CEO Gem Shopping Network