Gwinnett Coalition thanks those who have helped the past 20 years

The Honorees

Marina Peed

Pedro Marin

Greg Stewart

June Sweat

Ruth Strickland

Catherine Garcia-Brake

T.J. Alvarado

Donald Pinkard

Ingrid Patrick

Frank Berry

Nakia Smith

Connie Russell

Glen Soles

Keith Nabb

Julie Arnold

Paige Havens

Melrobin Cothran

Dr. Lloyd Hofer

Joe Estefan

Tom Merkel

Louise Radloff

Barbara Howard

Judy Waters

Kimberly Ryan

Louise Radloff

Martha Jordan

Melanie Miller

Michael Santowski

Nancy Kellam

Nancy Yancey

Pat Baker

Phil Hoskisn

Randall Meacham

Renee Lewis

Robert Waller

Susan Boatwright

Susan Boland

Tom Tate

Tom Travis

Evermore CID

Gwinnett Place CID

Gwinnett Village CID

Lilburn CID

David McCulloch

Susanne Thomas

Ari Russell

Carolyn Collins

Cathy Kimbrel


Colin Martin

Arlene Beckels

Joyce Britt

Diana Moore

John Williams

Lynette Ward

Sara Nerenbaum

Shirley Chelsey

Kyle Monroe-Spencer

Larry Lehman

Mary LaBonte

Suzan Bryceland

Rory Johnson

Alice Ramsey

Diana Curtis

Gary Galloway

Mary Root

Adam Nerenbaum

Anne Ladd

Anne Lafavor

Barbara Huffman

Becky Ramsey

Becky Webb

Beverly Foote

Candace Jordan

Cyndee King

Lavina Marshall

Verlinda Hopkins

Victoria Huynh

Zachary Burks

Adrienne Noble

Bonnie Wagner

Chris Owens

Eliz Runkle

Heather Sawyer

Houston Bass

Jennifer Hendrickson

Junior Soles

Karen Klett

Kim Phillips

Latabia Woodward

LaTasha Macklin

Martha Perusek

Mary Roberts

Samantha Macedo

Shuana Mettee

Suanne Thomas

Tami McLaughlin

Tanya Thompson

Vanessa Shoop

Arlene Williams

Johannes Palsson

Teresa McCord

LAWRENCEVILLE -- The Gwinnett Coalition for Health and Human Services, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping and servicing the needs of everyone, celebrated its 20-year anniversary with a reception for the community this past week and the entire community was thanked.

"We wanted to invite the community to dinner and honor special people who have really helped to support us throughout the years, those who continue to support us and new friends," Ellen Gerstein, executive director of the coalition said. "The whole event was really great."

At the dinner, everyone was highlighted for the years of help.

"There were not really any winners as such -- we did recognize some people, but everyone who came was celebrated for their service over the last 20 years," Helpline director Suzy Bus said. "We called everyone our community 'rock stars.'"

There were 30 to 40 people who received certificates of gratitude during the dinner, plus hundreds of others to be mailed out.

What's the coalition focusing on now?

"Starting on (year) 21," Gerstein said with a laugh. "We're very excited to be working on our next strategic plans. We are planning Town Hall meetings to research the needs in Gwinnett County, and then develop and address those needs. We are also teaming up with the (Gwinnett Medical Center) to create community report cards."

Plus, the nonprofit is continuing its ongoing incentives, such as Great Days of Service and working to renew grants in 2012. The Coalition has a long to-do list, but the employees never lose sight of what they are working for: helping others.

"It's a very difficult economic time for people," Gerstein said. "It's important to remember that gifts will help the needy and your neighbors."

For more information about the Gwinnett Coalition, visit gwinnettcoalition.org.