Duluth Police introduce middle school program to combat bullying, drugs

DULUTH -- At a time when many children need a role model, Duluth police officers are getting involved.

Last month, the city's police force introduced a new program to Duluth Middle School, modeled after the ADVANCE program that has served elementary school kids for years.

The point is to talk to kids about decisions that could impact their future in a more "grown-up" way than the earlier program, a press release said.

So the Community Oriented Policing Services division introduced the BADGE program, which stands for Bullying, Alcohol, Drugs and Gangs Education.

Master Patrol Officer Bobby Johnson has begun teaching the program to seventh-graders during health classes four days a week. The course lasts three weeks and is expected to reach more than 300 students this year, the release said.

"What a great program," Mayor Nancy Harris said. "Bobby is doing a great job and the students have responded very positively in the class. He seems to get things from them that teachers sometimes can't. We really appreciate the hard work that has gone in to putting this program together for our students. Keep up the great work we look forward to future classes."




kevin 3 years, 10 months ago

Mexico and the US should make some drugs legal. This would stop the drug trade and the police and politicians that are involved in this to stop. The price would drop and peoplw would slowly stop smoking the stuff. We spend too many billions in jails and law enforcement and the court system lets them out for overcrowding. TIme to just lock up the hard core criminals. The US government allows cigarretts to be produced, and they kill us.


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