Budget hearing scheduled Tuesday

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Residents can give feedback on a spending plan for Gwinnett's government Tuesday.

Commissioners have a packed day of meetings, covering dozens of issues in a day that combines 2 p.m. business session and a 7 p.m. zoning hearing in one day.

In between, a special called meeting is set for 5:30 p.m. to talk about the budget, which includes $30 million in voluntary cuts, including putting off the hiring of 25 police officers and 25 firefighters in 2012.

According to Chairwoman Charlotte Nash, who prepared her first budget as an elected official, the spending plan includes about as much belt-tightening as possible. But it should allow the county to avoid a tax increase despite another expected drop in property values and revenues.

Tuesday's business session will include a $5.3 million proposal to build a baseball complex at Harbins Community Park, a management contract for a government-owned golf club, an agreement to build a section of the Ivy Creek Greenway and $1 million in upgrades to the Five Forks branch of the Gwinnett County Public Library.


voiceofreason 2 years, 4 months ago

Did anyone notice that the BUSINES meeting's taking place in mid-day while we're all at work? This is the session where they'll decide on how to spend our money. I'd call in sick to attend that. Why should they be allowed to spend $5 million on yet another sports complex and not hire more firemen and policemen to keep us safe?

The 7pm meeting's only for zoning purposes. Once again, they're trying to sneak more things by us taxpayers, just like that practically dead-in-the-water baseball stadium.

Call in sick! Go to that meeting to let them know we know what's going on!


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