Georgia sees jump in charter school enrollment

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia is among a handful of states leading the nation in adding charter schools.

A report released Wednesday by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools shows the state added 15 new schools this year, boosting the state's charter school enrollment by 7,000 children. That's among the 200,000 new charter school students added this year across the nation.

Georgia now has more than 55,000 students in charter schools.

Charter schools use taxpayer dollars but are given the freedom to determine how they will meet federal education benchmarks. They can be started by groups of parents, community members, businesses or nonprofits.

This year saw the largest enrollment increase since charter schools were founded nearly two decades ago. More than 2 million children attend charter schools across the country.




kevin 3 years, 8 months ago

I thought Charter Schools were illegal in Georgia? At least that is what I read in the paper about 6 months ago. I am for them by the way.


kmsimpson 3 years, 8 months ago

Actually, there was a bill up for vote to close down charter schools, but it was not passed, thankfully.

I have one child in public school and one child in a charter school. The one in the charter school is 2 years younger than the public school child. The public school child came home with a biology lesson. She asked for help, and I said, "Let me see it." After looking at the lesson, I told the child, "Do you know who you should ask for help? Your younger sibling. They just finished the exact same lesson."

Public school child will be going to the charter school next year.


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