Two more warrants issued in Oxycodone robbery

DULUTH -- Another pair of arrest warrants have been issued in the alleged armed robbery of a 60-year-old woman for her prescription painkillers.

Joshua Andrew Johnston of Lawrenceville and Danielle Nicole Staley of Flowery Branch, both 31, are now wanted by Gwinnett County police in connection with the Nov. 20 incident in which Johnston and another man reportedly used a BB gun to rob their victim of about 180 Oxycodone pills.

Neither had been arrested as of Monday evening, Gwinnett County jail records showed.

According to warrants and police reports, 33-year-old Joshua Sinko accompanied Johnston to the Duluth apartment of the victim, a family friend. The woman left the two alone to use the bathroom and, while exiting, found herself confronted with what appeared to be a handgun in Sinko's hand.

Sinko -- who was later identified in a lineup, police said -- allegedly forced the woman back into the bathroom before the duo fled to a waiting car.

Police now believe Staley served as the getaway driver.

Sinko was arrested Thursday on felony charges of armed robbery, aggravated assault, terroristic threats and drug possession. He is being held without bond.

Arrest warrants issued last week charge Johnston with armed robbery and drug possession, while Staley has been charged with armed robbery.


Cleanupguy 3 years, 10 months ago

Robbing someone to get this poison is just plain ridiculous, given the sleazy burgeoning "Pain Clinic" business in the area. Up until I picked them up on Saturday, two of these outfits had plastered my area with their illegally placed signs. It appears that all one has to do is to call, go in to see a quack doc for a few minutes and boogey on out with a nice legal prescription. Hmmmm - maybe these need to be shut down?


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