Cops: Pantless peeping Tom caught outside woman's home

LOGANVILLE -- No pants, one sock, no way.

So went the opinion of a Loganville woman who called police after spotting a pantless man looking in her windows, knocking on her door and trying to open it with a key a few ticks after midnight Sunday. The woman declined to answer the door because the man wore only a sweatshirt and one sock, police said.

Gwinnett police responded to find Loganville resident Francisco Rodriguez, 41, looking in a neighbor's windows near the Joni Boulevard home. When approached, Rodriguez reportedly fell to a prone position without being asked to and was handcuffed.

An ensuing conversation with Gwinnett police Officer J.A. Hensley went as follows, according to a report:

Hensley asked what the suspect was doing behind the residences.

"He was racing me," Rodriguez replied.

The officer asked what he meant -- was the person racing him on foot or in a vehicle?

"He was racing me."

Hensley asked if, by chance, the suspect meant someone was chasing him. Rodriguez replied "yes," the report states.

Asked where his pants were, Rodriguez allegedly told the officer, "He took them."

Police gave up on the interrogation and put Rodriguez in a patrol car, where he vomited, the report states. Police noted the telltale signs of intoxication -- slurred speech, bleary eyes, strong odor -- and charged Rodriguez with public drunkenness, in addition to peeping Tom and public indecency.

En route to jail, Hensley radioed ahead to have deputies waiting with a pair of pants at the intake port. Rodriguez remained at the Gwinnett County Jail on $8,300 bond Monday.