1 booked in Oxycodone stick-up

DULUTH -- Police have charged a Grayson man with using a BB gun to rob a 60-year-old Duluth woman of her cache of prescribed Oxycodone.

The alleged robbery happened Nov. 20 at the woman's apartment in the Magnolia Pointe complex.

The suspect, Joshua Sinko, 33, accompanied a family friend of the woman's to her apartment that afternoon. The woman left the two alone to use her bathroom and, while exiting, found herself confronted with what appeared to be a black handgun in her visitor's hand, police said.

The man she later identified as Sinko ordered her into the bathroom. She told police she heard the two arguing before they left the apartment and fled in a vehicle, according to a police report.

An investigator later confirmed the victim's statements that she'd been prescribed 180 Oxycodone pills she said were stolen. She also picked Sinko from a lineup as the gunman, the report states.

Sinko was arrested Thursday on felony charges of armed robbery, aggravated assault, terroristic threats and drug possession. He remains jailed without bond. The other man in the apartment has not been booked recently in Gwinnett, records show.