Sloshed driver nabbed at courthouse

LAWRENCEVILLE -- A Lawrenceville man with a blood-alcohol content more than four times the legal limit was arrested this week when he made an ill-advised visit to a Gwinnett courthouse, officials said.

A Sheriff's Deputy at the Gwinnett juvenile and recorder's court complex Wednesday noticed a Ford Escape parked crookedly in the lot, attempting to leave. The deputy approached the driver and learned the vehicle was stalled.

The deputy noticed a strong odor of alcohol on the driver, Alexandru Tehnilenco, 29, and an open 32-ounce beer in his seat, officials said.

Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Stacey Bourbonnais said Tehnilenco failed field sobriety tests and could not stand without assistance. Intoxilyzer tests registered his blood-alcohol content at dangerous levels -- as much as .352 percent, more than quadruple Georgia's .08 threshold for driving, she said.

Tehnilenco was charged with DUI and possession of an open container. Records show he has two prior DUI arrests from 2008, Bourbonnais said.

Tehnilenco's purpose at the courthouse was unclear.

"He never entered the courthouse, so it's not known why he was in the parking lot," Bourbonnais said.