NY man 'under spell' arrested in Italian college student's death

NEW YORK -- A man claiming to be under an evil spell went to the home of an acquaintance, a college student from Italy, and stabbed and choked her to death, then made a cryptic 911 call to authorities about the body, police said Thursday.

Bakary Camara, 41, was arrested on a murder charge Wednesday evening in the death of Rita Morelli, 36, of Spoltore, Italy. He was awaiting arraignment and there was no immediate attorney information. There was no number associated with his address.

Morelli's live-in boyfriend found her body in a pool of blood on Nov. 23. Morelli, who was studying at Hunter College and also waiting tables, had been stabbed twice and her throat was slashed.

There was no sign of forced entry. The killer left the door ajar and had taken off with some of her belongings and ransacked her apartment, police said.

Two days after the body was found, police received a 911 call from a man talking about the killing. Detectives traced the number to Camara, and when they arrived at his Bronx home he had a knife to his chest.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Camara told officers he had committed the crime and then stabbed himself in the chest. He was taken to a hospital and is in stable condition, Kelly said.

Detectives found a three-page letter in his pocket in which he incriminated himself, Kelly said.

"It was a somewhat rambling note but he says there was some sort of spell placed over him and that's why he did it," Kelly said.

Camara told investigators he once had a relationship with the victim, but they were no longer together. Kelly said detectives were still trying to piece together the extent of the relationship, but there were no reports of domestic violence calls or any immediate evidence of past abuse.