LETTERS: Passing stopped school bus bad but sometimes understandable

In regard to the story ("32 Drivers Ticketed for Passing School Bus," Aug. 24, 1A) I agree that lives should not be endangered by passing a stopped bus, but I also understand "impatience."

Growing up in DeKalb County years ago, we had designated "bus stops" to which we walked, getting some exercise each morning. We waited by the curb, rain or shine, so we were ready to board. When the last person at the stop was on the bus and crossed the yellow safety line in the aisle, the driver took off, sometimes causing books or a lunch box to fly from the hands of a kid who just boarded and travel several seats before hitting an unsuspecting classmate. It's a wonder any of us survived that era.

Having said that, when I am behind a bus driver who turns on the flashing yellow lights a quarter mile before he/she stops, waits for the kid and his/her mom to slowly walk down the drive, waits for the child to get to their "assigned seat" on the bus before moving, then pulls back out and never turns off the flashing yellow lights before stopping two driveways further down where the entire process is repeated while the line of 10-plus cars is waiting behind the bus, I can at least understand the "impatience" of some drivers.

Randy Harris, Lawrenceville


dav 4 years ago

Always wrong to pass a stopped school bus ,but the bus drivers do tend to take advantage of the fact that they KNOW they are virtually untouchable as far as the traffic laws are concerned, try to beat a traffic violation against a bus in court. Regardless of the circumstances you have lost before you even walk through the doors.What gets me is when they stop every 15 feet to pick up kids when they could put them all together at one stop.


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