Letters: Thanks For The Sanity When It Comes To Public School Teachers

I just wanted Dick Yarbrough (“An open letter to Georgia’s public school teachers,” Aug. 20, 6A) to know how uplifting and validating his constant advocacy of public school teachers continues to be for those of us still in the trenches. Having taught for 30 years and lived through every fad du jour and back again full circle, his articulate voice of sanity gives us hope that not every enlightened citizen places us all in the same sewer with the worst examples of our profession.

Teaching AP Lit in a Title I school emphasizing a “ stretch culture,” I often use his columns, along with several others in the Daily Post, as models of excellent writing to inspire my students. I too have a son, substituting and coaching, waiting in line for a job that he has a real passion and commitment for. Only with outspoken critics like Yarbrough will the future saviors of the globe have the dedicated missionaries they deserve.

— Donna P. Fisher, Berkmar High School