Falcons' Palmer treats grieving Locust Grove high school team

Atlanta Falcons tight end and Parkview grad Michael Palmer will host the Locust Grove football team at the Falcons' preseason game with the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday.Palmer decided to provide the team with tickets and a dinner after learning of the death of Locust Grove football player Forrest Jones, who collapsed at a practice and later passed away.

"I know these young guys have been going through a tremendously difficult time over the past few weeks," said Palmer, who invited the players with a surprise video message. "I have never lost a teammate before but I have dealt with the loss of someone I was very close with. I know how difficult it is and I thought by giving his team an opportunity to come to one of our games it may help them have some fun and bond as a team. I'm sure there are a bunch of kids on the team who have never been to the Georgia Dome or to an NFL game before. I feel that I'm in a position to give back as a professional athlete. I'm glad that I can jump in and make a difference."

Palmer also invited the team at Fitzgerald, which lost football player D.J. Searcy in a similar fashion, but those players couldn't come because of a prior conflict.