School bus back in service after complaint

LAWRENCEVILLE -- A school bus was temporarily removed from the Gwinnett County Public Schools fleet after a parent complained Thursday their child had become sick due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

A spokesman with the school system said state public safety officials and the system's own transportation technicians have tested the bus and found no presence of carbon monoxide.

"We took (the parents') concern very seriously," said Jorge Quintana. "We want our students to be safe."

A Moore Middle School parent called the school system Thursday morning concerning their three students who ride the bus.

"After we received a phone call and visit from the parents, the school met with the parent to discuss concerns with the family," Quintana said.

He added that all 1,800 school buses systemwide are inspected "every single morning before they get on the road."

He said that no other parents or students complained of illness after riding the bus in question.

Quintana said in light of finding no carbon monoxide presence, the school bus is back in service.