TV show to profile Gary Hilton

NBC's "Dateline" will profile Gary Michael Hilton -- the killer of Buford resident Meredith Emerson and several others across the Southeast -- in an episode called "Mystery on Blood Mountain."

The episode, which airs at 9 p.m. Friday, features scenes filmed mostly in the north Georgia mountains where Emerson was kidnapped and decapitated while taking a New Year's hike in 2008. Reporter Dennis Murphy will explore Hilton's killings and their believed inspiration by the 1995 horror film "Deadly Run," a movie that Hilton consulted on that featured a businessman hunting women in the Georgia mountains.

"You're going to meet someone who went into the national forest in three states, it's believed, and went hunting for humans," Murphy said in an online preview of the episode. "This is a person who would later gloat about how good he was at finding human prey."

Hilton pleaded guilty to Emerson's murder in 2008 and was given a life sentence.

In April, a Florida judge gave Hilton the death penalty for the 2007 decapitation of a nurse on a Florida trail. He still faces an October trial related to the 2007 disappearance of an elderly couple in a North Carolina national forest.