McGinnis Ferry extension to open to traffic

SUWANEE -- Drivers will soon have a new way to get through Suwanee.

Transportation officials expect to open a four-lane extension to McGinnis Ferry Road mid-morning Tuesday, if weather permits.

The road, which formerly ended at Satellite Boulevard, has been extended over Interstate 85 to meet Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road south of the interstate.

Two new traffic signals will become operational as the 2.67-mile extension opens: one at McGinnis Ferry and Old Peachtree Road and one at McGinnis Ferry and Lawrenceville-Suwanee, at the Super H store.

The project moved forward thanks to $20.4 million in federal stimulus funds. Construction will continue through the end of September.


kevin 4 years ago

Has anyone noticed that this new road project isn't opne yet but the DOT have screwed up the Old Peachtree Rd part of it. Every time it rains hard, it floods on the low point of Old Peachtree Rd and McGinnis. This has to be an engineering screwup if I ever saw one. A brand new road that doesn't drain properly. The problem seems to be that the storm drains are not located at the lowest point in the road. Didn't anybody figure that out beforhand? Where is Brian Allen, the head of DOT?


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