Jury to decide city of Suwanee case this week

LAWRENCEVILLE A Superior Court jury this week will examine a business' claim that questions the city of Suwanee's motives in a 2008 moratorium of building permits.

Attorneys began the jury selection process Monday in a civil case against the city of Suwanee with Superior Court Judge Warren Davis presiding.

Jurors could determine whether the city's decision to halt building permits was driven by the municipality's desire for community safety.

Lawyers for plaintiff Settles Bridge Farm contend it was not, and they feel that the moratorium negatively impacted the business.

Notre Dame Academy entered into a contract in 2008 with Settles Bridge Farm to buy 36.5 acres of land near the intersection of Moore Road and Settles Bridge Road, a residential area in Suwanee.

At the time of the deal, the city's zoning ordinances would have allowed a school to be built on the property without approval or action from the city.

Shortly after the sales deal, the city council issued a moratorium on building permits for large projects in residential districts.

In May 2008, the council approved a special-use permit amendment to the city's zoning ordinances, which would require the school to have such a permit to develop the property.

In August 2010, the city settled a separate lawsuit with Notre Dame Academy.

The school dismissed the litigation, and the city paid a $257,000 financial settlement that reimbursed the school for all out-of-pocket expenses.

The city paid $50,000 of that settlement, and the rest was paid by the city's insurance carrier.

The lawsuit centered around the potential relocation of the Catholic school from an office park in Duluth to the site on Moore Road in Suwanee.

The case is scheduled to continue with jury selection today in Superior Court.


mooreroadidiot 3 years, 11 months ago

$1,800,000 to land owner $250,000 to school. GUILTY


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