Olens: Water wars, health care ruling should help business

DULUTH -- Two recent court rulings could help Georgia add jobs, Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens said Thursday as he helped kick of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce's annual Business Expo and Job Fair.

The first is the overturning of a ruling that would have cut off metro Atlanta's water supply at Lake Lanier next year. Olens predicted that an appeal to the decision filed by Florida and Alabama would never be heard by the Supreme Court, and he had positive words for Gov. Nathan Deal for reaching out to the governors to settle the water wars.

"The courtroom is really not going to solve the water issues for our state," he said. "It'll take business negotiations."

The other, he said, was the decision last week striking down the mandate to buy health care under President Obama's plan, which is the opposite of another decision in another court. He said that could force the Supreme Court to decide.

For now, Olens is working with other attorneys general to combat a ruling from the federal government that could stop jobs from coming to states that have right-to-work policies, which includes Georgia, as well as regulations detrimental to utility companies.

"We need policies that encourage expansion, not discourage it," he said. "We need a business climate that encourages job growth."


FactChecker 4 years ago

Please get your facts straight. Most reputable economists agree that the part of the health care bill that was declared unconstitutional would reduce health care costs as well as decrease unemployment. Please do not echo right wing propaganda and imply that is is actually news. Limit unfounded opinions to the oped page.


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