Teen indicted in burned body case

LAWRENCEVILLE -- The teen accused of murdering his friend and leaving her body and vehicle burning in a Gwinnett park was indicted this week.

Eighteen-year-old Boris Mejia was arrested June 12 after police identified him as the suspected killer of 18-year-old former classmate Andrea Nassos.

Mejia tried to bury the body at the Tucker home he shares with his father, police said. But the elder Mejia instructed his son to dispose of Nassos' body elsewhere. Boris Mejia picked Lucky Shoals Park, and after destroying the Honda, his father drove him to Houston in an attempt to avoid prosecution, police said.

Texas officials later located and arrested him there. Investigators say they have a taped interview in which Mejia's brother implicates him in the killing.

Mejia was indicted Wednesday in Gwinnett on charges of first-degree arson and concealing the death of another. He faces murder charges in DeKalb County.