Lilburn first city to strike service deal with Gwinnett

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Gwinnett and Lilburn officials struck a deal Tuesday in a yearslong service delivery suit.

Complete with a one-time payment of $372,136 to the city, the intergovernmental agreement delineates services between the government, with Gwinnett vowing to support the city police force.

The terms of services do not appear to change, and the agreement says the parties will pay its own attorney's fees and expenses and have shared the cost of mediation.

A year ago, Lilburn broke with Gwinnett's 14 other cities in a feud with the county government over how services are divided among jurisdictions.

The settlement must be accepted by a judge who heard the case last year but still has not ruled.

Because of the dispute, the majority of local police forces have been unable to use radar detection to enforce speeding since January, and hundreds of thousands of dollars have been devoted to the lawsuit.

Chairwoman Charlotte Nash began talks with city officials after she took office in March. She said she is "hopeful" to reach agreements with the remaining cities in the near future. She declined to talk further because of the lawsuit.


dav 3 years, 8 months ago

It should say "Lilburn ,first city to sell out"


R 3 years, 8 months ago

Sellout? Lilburn gets a one-time payment of $372,136, exactly who sold out and more importantly where can I sign up?? If I incorporate, declare war and then surrender, can I get war reparations as a bonus too or has that “deal” been set aside only for a new minted Peachtree Corners?


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