Daily Post launches new, 'state-of-the-art' website

This screen capture shows the new Gwinnett Daily Post website. 

This screen capture shows the new Gwinnett Daily Post website. 

Today marks the launch of Gwinnett Daily Post’s new website. It’s a move that aims to continue meeting readers’ needs, said Publisher J.K. Murphy.

“More people are looking for more news online,” Murphy said. “The Post’s new website paces that growing demand.”

It’s a companywide effort, Murphy said. The Gwinnett Daily Post is one of seven papers with Southern Community Newspapers Inc. launching new websites today.

Robert Granfeldt Jr., vice president of digital media for SCNI, said the new site features “brand-new, state-of-the-art technology that is quickly becoming the standard for newspaper websites around the country.”

Granfeldt said readers will find that content “is better presented and easier to find.”

Murphy echoed the remarks: “It is less cluttered and easier to navigate.”

He said that, over time, even more new features will be added to the site.

“One that I’m most excited about is a better, more complete news archiving system,” Murphy said. “After we launch, we will begin adding stories to the archive system. Eventually, the archives will contain every local news story appearing in the Post since 1995.”

Granfeldt said new features also include “aggressive integration of multimedia, including lots of photos and opportunities for videos and other types of content.”

Granfeldt added that other new features will permit readers to “have it their way.”

“Whether they want to look at our site on a mobile platform ... on a tablet, in print or online, the idea is to give it to them however they want,” he said.

Added Granfeldt: “We want to make sure that we are the news source, and we feel like adding this new technology and the new design of our site is going to help us get there even more.”

Members of the digital team working on the websites are John Bock, Donnie Ikpa, Michael Buckelew and Granfeldt.